"When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul laughs for what it has found" Sufi Aphorism


In our society, death, dying and grief are our greatest fear - and in turn - become a closed-off and swallowed topic. It is something that will affect us all at some point, and without talking about it and giving it air to breathe, the consequential suffering becomes more intense and stifled. This site is a way of opening up the topic. Of allowing real stories to be heard and shared.

After my father had a sudden accident and I had the opportunity to sit with him while he passed away, I noticed this deep void. I longed to hear, to read and to fall into others stories around grief. I wanted to try and comprehend both its ripping and ripening qualities – the duality of loss and growth. I wanted to stay connected within this solitary landscape.

I felt compelled to create a place that offered this connection. That offered some insight, some honesty - a place that could host stories and experiences.

Storytelling has a unique ability to connect us and keep us open. It is my most sincere wish that this place be a well of the deepest waters from which to drink, should it be required. It is my hope that the act of writing, sharing and discovering will be a source of illumination on this dark night.

Paralysed in hospital before he died - yet with a beaming smile across his face - my beautiful moon-faced father spoke to me. "Helping people, Liv. It’s the best thing you will ever do. It’s important - you should do more of it".

…This is my attempt.

White Horse under, From The Veiled Series, 2014  ©Olivia Martin-McGuire